Babylon is an Overlord and is Zetta's second ally in the game. Babylon used to be the most powerful of Overlords of his time, until he entered conflict with The One, the overseer of the univer

The old geezer, Babylon.

se. The One placed a curse on him, giving him three days to live. He used practically all of his Mana power to get rid of the curse. Even though he's still an Overlord, he's nowhere near as powerful as he used to be.



Babylon's an old man at this point, so many of his behaviorisms reflect this. He usually refers to Zetta as "Young Zetta," suffers from Arthritis, falls asleep randomly on occasion, and occasionally suffers from paranoia.. Aside from these traits, however, he is actually pretty nice for an Overlord, and unlike most Overlords, actually values life and order. In his youth, he was much more reckless and overconfident, yet still shared his kind-hearted traits.


In order to recruit Babylon, you must write the wish "I wish to fight Babylon!" once a character has reached level 200 and has gained 9000 Mana. Once this happens, a scene will occur in which Zetta travels into the past to fight the young Babylon. This enemy is level 600, but if you were able to recruit Pram or any of the other Overlords, then he should be just as easy. (Be aware of his higher HP, though.) Upon defeating Babylon, he will be in your party when you return to the Overlord's Castle.


In battle, Babylon is meant to be a heavy-hitter, specializing in ATK-based weaponry. He is good with Swords, Spears, Morningstars, and Axes. His high HP, DEF and RES are also decent, his DEF and RES at 120% and his ATK at 140%. Despite their limitations, Axes may be a good weapon for him, since Morningstars don't learn Multi-target skills until level 7, while Spears and Swords aren't as strong. His unique skill "Absolute Zero" is an Ice-based skill, despite lacking an elemental indicator. Therefore, he will have to rely on gained weapon skills, or overly high stats against an Ice-based enemy.